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Red 2016 MC_250RTC Motorcycle Review
New Red 2016 MC_250RTC (photos above) from
Our Customer Mark Maccariella from OH

T9-Icebear PMZ300T9 scooter
Check Out Our Customer Vince from Medina, Ohio
On his Brand New 2016' Year Manufacture PMZ-300T9

Above: Our Customer Dave Johnson from Homestead, FL putting
his New 2015' Bighorn 28 to light duty work, trailering cable wire

Another Deer
Linhai BigHorn 400cc #28 UTV

Above, the LINHAI YAMAHA Bighorn 28 UTV 400
makes it easy to transport your trophy buck!
Our Customer Larry Thurman From IL,
still enjoying his  400cc Linhai BigHorn


Camo UTV 400 BigHorn Linhai Yamaha

Our Customer Larry Thurman From IL with his 2015' Camo UTV 400 Linhai Yamaha Bighorn 28.
Larry Said: "It Almost did not make it to the other side But it did"
"The Bighorn28 Can do it All" Ice Fishing - Snow - Hill Climbing

Ice fishing with Camo UTV 400 Linhai Yamaha Bighorn 28 BigHorn 28 UTV400 on Snow UTV28 BigHorn 400 Hill Climbing!

Roketa MC-62A-260 scooter buyer photo
The Brand New 2015 Manufactured and 2016 Invoiced in the US,
Champagne Roketa MC-62A-260 EFI Scooter
Belongs to our customer: Quentin Fox Sr. From MS


Zodiac Trike PST300-19 model
Two 2014 Zodiac Trikes PST300-19 belonging to Stan Cope from WI (above).


400cc Utility Vehicles Warehouse Sale - Pickup!BigHorn 400cc UTV - Warehouse Pickup
Warehouse Photos: Above the IRS Camo Bighorn 28 Yamaha Linhai UTV 400
picked up at our warehouse, and sold to Mike Glover from Atlanta, GA.

Two Bighorn 400cc UTV's shipping from the warehouse!
Above photo at the warehouse:
Releasing two Camo Bighorn 28, 400 Linhai Yamaha UTV's.
One IRS with All Aluminum Wheels and One Standard Bighorn 28,
both shipping to our customer, Mr. Fincher from NC.


PST50-12 Trike model!
Our customer Ron from CT on his
brand new 2014 PST50-12, 49cc Trike

Owner photo of New 2014 Road Warrior PST250-1 Trike
Mr. Wichtman and Girlfriend on their
new 2014 Road Warrior PST250-1 Trike.

Black Q-Link Tour 250cc V-Twin MotorcycleBlack Q-Link Tour 250cc V-Twin Motorcycle
Photos from out Customer Mike Nesbihal from AZ,
who just Received his new
Black Q-Link Tour 250cc V-Twin Motorcycle!

2013 cyclone Trike PST150C
The photo above of this blue beauty, 2013 Cyclone PST150C
was sent to us from our customer Patrick Bethea.

QLink tour 250 Motorcycle custom lowriderQLink Tour 250 Custom Motorcycle!
QLink Tour 250 shown above with custom saddlebags and handlebar bag
from our customer Kris of AZ.

"Some feedback on the QLINK Tour 250 I received last week; after spending a little time... tweaking the bike for my liking and needs, I can honestly say I love this bike. Today was my maiden ride (in the rain, but I just could not wait any longer), and she handled great; the gears shifted smoothly, the acceleration was par with much bigger bikes, and braking was no problem, even though it was wet outside.

Thank you for making this possible, I would highly recommend
doing business with you and your company."

Kris M Apache Junction, Arizona.

Fran from WY sent us these awesome photos of their
2013' Red UTV 400 Big Horn ready for work or play on their ranch farmland.
+ Click thumbnails to view large photos +

New 2012 Road Warrior PST250-1 Custom Trike
belongs to Darrell Murphy From Florida.

Above Teri from Eastman, GA's Brand New
Yellow Kandi MC-95-250 Trike ...nice!!

Roketa MC-25-250cc Motorcycle
Brand New 2012 Blue MC-25-250 Motorcycle Belonging to Jesse Sprout from NY

Roketa MC100 Motorcycle
One of the nicest Roketa MC100 250cc motorcycles we've seen!
This stylish bike belongs to Randy from NM.

300TKB Trike - Florida
Customer Jason Kite of FL
and his new toy a 2012 MC_D300TKB


Cyclone Trike - PST150cc
Sabir Hasan of TX
On his New PST150C Cyclone Trike.

PST150C Cyclone Trike Owner photo
Above the new 2012 Blue Cyclone PST150C Trike
belonging to our customer, Mr. Sabir From Wichita Falls, TX.

PST150 Trike model

Scooter and Trike Models.

Photos of our customer Bill Hanna of Pennsylvania and his PST150 models!


Our Customer John W. Hix from AL with his family picking up a new 2011 Orange PST150-8 Trike at our Warner Robins, GA Store Location:
741 Russell Pky., Warner Robins, GA 31088

Our Customer John Hix from AL on his "New-Customized" Orange PST150-8!!!
Please Note the Arm Rests on the Seat, nice Flames!!!

MC-54-250 250cc motorcycle     MC-54-250 250cc motorcycle
Photo of our Customer Julio from FL On his New MC-54-250 250cc Scooter

Our customer Mike Selvey of Tx, sent us these photos (above)
of his Road Warrior PST250T Trike

MC54-250 Scooter
Our Customer, David Rossi:
2011' Silver MC-54-250 Scooter

MC113 JL 250cc Sportsbike Motorcycle
New 2010 MC113 JL 250cc Motorcycle, Belonging to Curtis Wade

Micah Graham's
New MC-51 Vision 250R3
Motorcycle, Detroit MI

Linda Siliezar Brand New 2010'
Magnum 300cc Trike
Looking GREAT!!!!!

Stan's Mother from AL enjoying a photo
on her son's 2010' MC-113 JL 250 Motorcycle


PST150-9 Trike
PST150-9 Trike Storage Compartment
PST150-9 (MC-101)
150cc Trike
Owned by Mr. Dave Schwertel from AR

Magnum 300 Trike Scooter
Scott & Jill Rankin from Alabama
New 2010' Black Magnum 300 Trike 
(Shown without the Rear Trunk)
Magnum 300 Trike Scooter


Roketa MC-54-250B and a Roketa 250 ATV

Photo at left, our Customer Randolph from FL Showing two of his Toys; a Roketa MC-54-250B next to the Roketa 250 ATV.


Jaguar 500cc ATV 4x4

Introducing the 2010' New Jaguar 500cc ATV 4X4
In Stock in Red or Camo Hunter Green for $4250 Delivered to Your Residence.

Paul Sanders (above left), on his new 2010' New Jaguar 500cc ATV 4X4

Warrior 250 V-Twin Chopper Trike


Our Customer: Barbara J Czar from PA next to her Warrior 250 V-Twin Chopper Trike.


Pst150-8 Trike Custom Scooter Pst150-8 Trike Custom Scooter Transportation Pst150-8 Trike Custom Style Scooter

Photos above of  our customer Paul Sanders from MT
and his two PST150-8 150cc Trikes.

PD250 Custom Chopper - Join the Club!
+ View Big Chopper +
Photo above from our customer, Mike Becker of Ohio, showing his black PD-250 custom chopper 250cc.

Above, Our Customer Dr. John on his new 2009' MC-95-250 Trike



These Icebear PST50S-8, 50cc Trikes
available for Daily Rentals at one of
our dealers lots in Panama City Beach, FL.

Photos from our customer Jennifer Newman from PA,
New 2009' Black MC-113 / JL250 250cc Motorcycle


Fully-Loaded 2006 MC-51 Vision R3 Motorcycle. (below)
Our Customer, Mr. Rosewell will sell for $3000 and will provide full details.
Contact Extreme-Scooters by email or phone for more information.

2009' MC-54-150 Roketa Scooter (below)
Belonging to Bill Cindy from MN

MC-54-150 Scooter Was Perfect Thanks! MC-54-150 150cc scooter profile

MC-54-150 150cc scooter



Steve Licata Custom Trike PST150T (shown below)


+ View JL 250cc Lg. Photo
Our Customer from FL
With Their new 2009'
JL 250, JINLUN 250 Sports Bike.
Tim Warren from FL New
Chopper Trike 150cc, PST150T

+ Big PST150T Chopper View


Dear Dave;

I got the MCO today!!!!
You have been GREAT God Bless!

Comments to your web site will follow.


Dated: 2/5/2010
"I have been telling everyone non-stop about how helpful you have been, have showed your site around, and everyone is confused as to why they are so cheap, and yet the scooter I purchased is so nice. I think as the weather warms up, it would not be surprising to have a few more sold in this area."

Thank you so much for everything.

Jeffery Emmert - Booneville Church of God - 1370 S. Oak Ave
Booneville Arkansas 72927


Above is our Dealer Bill's GK-06 250cc Go-Kart
The New 2009 MC-101 150cc Trike belonging to Jack Masters from Louisiana.


Our Customer D. Price from NV sent us the photo below, of his New Tank Touring Deluxe 150cc.

Our customer from Alabama on his new 2009 Roketa MC-113 Motorcycle 250cc sports bike.

Roketa MC-113 250cc Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Fireman Peter A. Rizzo from North Carolina sent us this photo of his MC-102 3-wheel scooter in Fire-Engine Red, and sitting next to a fireman's memorial statue.



Mr. Richard Barnes from KS had a friend Pin-Stripe
his New Silver MC-62 Roketa Touring 260DE (Shown Below)
Looking Great!!!! Richard



Steve Licata from NJ On His New 2009' Chopper Trike PST150T.
It's a beauty!


Kevin from FL just Received his 2008 Tank Khaos 250-08

"Can't wait to get my tags and get it on the road! Oh yea! Just to let you know I connected the battery and put some gas in it, and start within 3 seconds,. I was surprised how fast it started for the first time. So far very happy happy with bike! I will send a picture within a few days. Thanks for all your help!"


Andy's new Tank Touring Deluxe 250 Tank Touring Deluxe 250 in Hawaii  
Tank Touring Deluxe 250 Scooter
Andy Stanton, Hawaii
+ Click photos - view larger.

A lot of people are asking me about it. I tell them it's the Tank Touring Deluxe 250. Very convenient with lots of storage under the seat; no need for an additional trunk and I'm getting 66.5 miles per gallon! So far I got it up to 78 miles per hour; still had some throttle left; very stable considering the weight. Aloha from Hawaii !

Andy Stanton
Honolulu, Hawaii

Roketa 250cc and Tank 150cc Motor Scooters Satisfied Customer Feedback Photo -Motor Scooters Reviews  
Roketa and Tank Scooters
Paul & Paula Sanders of Montana's 150cc and 250cc scooters

My wife Paula and I just wanted to thank you for the great service we received the folks at Extreme-Scooters. For getting the scooters to Lincoln, Montana, as quick as you did. We ordered the scooters on Thursday of one week and received them within 7 days.

Both the scooters are so beautiful and very comfortable to ride. At my age and weight, both the 150 and 250 will carry me in these mountains, as though I am not even on them.

I really want to thank you and I am looking forward to working with you on the purchase of an ATV. I would recommend to anyone. Enclosed are some pictures we took while riding (shown above), hope you enjoy them.

Paul Sanders
Lincoln, Montana


  CF Moto V5 motorcycle - Pride and Joy!
I have never been so happy!

Here's a pic of me on my bike.
Thank you so much.

I really appreciate all that you have done for me!

Holland, Michigan

2008 Silver CF MOTO V5

This one from our satisfied customer in Florida, and his magnificent Boxer posing for the photo above.
+ Click photo - view larger.

Hi Dave,
I wanted to send you a picture.... but my dog would
not hold the I had to take the picture
of my GREAT new ride ! I'm having fun riding my
new bike to work each day.

Hope all is well with you.
Thanks again.
Paul T.
O'fallon Missouri

800cc Mammoth UTV Deluxe

Above right, is Paul Sanders from MT having fun in the Snow on his new 2008
800cc Mammoth UTV Deluxe Version with Chrome Wheels.



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